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Snail needle pin cushion - "Snigel"

350,00 kr SEK

This is "Snigel", a snail with the softest shell ever. It's a friendly beast that works perfectly as a needle pin cushion
Sculpted out of air dried clay, painted with acrylic paint and a glossy varnish as a final coating. And has a textile cushion filled with cotton.

Size, About 14 cm long & 3-4 cm Tall
Material, Air dried clay, Acrylic paint & glossy varnish. And a textile/cotton cushion.

Keep in mind that this sculpture has some discolouration/yellowing around the eyes, doesn't really show unless direct light on it though.

Because it's handmade some imperfection may occur. I would not recommend using this as a toy.

If any questions feel free to contact me, here